Egypt denies dress code plans for tourists

Updated: May 27, 2011, 09:54 AM IST

Moscow: The Egyptian Embassy in Moscow denied Thursday media reports that residents of Hurghada, a popular Red Sea resort, have demanded that foreign tourists be subject to a dress code.

"This is not true and this issue has not been considered," an embassy representative said.

Some Russian media reported Wednesday that Hurghada residents have demanded that tourists be forbidden from wearing shorts, swimsuits and miniskirts in the city`s streets.

"This is a stupid and unbelievable story," she said, adding that Hurghada and other Egyptian resorts have recently started recovering after the political crisis.

The Egyptian tourist industry lost over $1 billion during the nationwide tumult that brought President Hosni Mubarak`s 30-year rule to an end.

In early April, Russian tourists were allowed to return to Egyptian resorts.

Tourism accounts for more than 11 percent of Egypt`s GDP, 40 percent of the country`s non-commodity exports, and over 19 percent of foreign currency revenues.

Over 10 percent of Egypt`s labour force is employed in the tourism industry. About 14 million people visit Egypt annually.