Emails that can get you sacked from work

London: Think twice before you send a spiteful email to your rival or a seemingly funny email to your friends –you could easily get sacked for a seemingly foolish mistake.

A survey revealed that one in five people have sent an inappropriate message in the heat of the moment.

According to a news daily, one in three revealed they had hit “reply all” instead of “reply” by mistake.

But amongst the most embarrassing mistakes was emailing an offensive message to the colleague who was being insulted.

However, according to the poll, men were likelier to make a mistake, with 28 per cent having made an email faux pas, compared with 17 percent of women.

Last year, Holly Leam-Taylor, 22, was forced to resign after sending an email to colleagues at City firm Deloitte asking them to choose the best looking man in the office.

The survey was commissioned to mark the DVD release of the TV film Going Postal, written by Terry Pratchett.



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