Emma Roberts frightened of ghosts

London: `American Horror Story` actress Emma Roberts has revealed that she is afraid of ghosts.

The actress, 23, who plays the lead in the popular horror series said that she throughly searches every room she checks-in fearing that a spooky figure might be lurking around, reported Contactmusic.

"Everywhere I go I think is haunted. I`m the person checking under the bed, behind the curtains ten times before I go to bed. I`m very easily scared," Roberts said.

The actress said she also learnt a trick to keep away spirits on the`ghost tour` the crew went for before shooting the upcoming season of `American Horror Story: Coven`.

Speaking about the tour in New Orleans, Emma said, "They take you around and they basically show you all these places where horrific things have happened and then tell you about all the ghosts and so after the ghost tour, I`m scared to death."

The blonde beauty shared the trick to ward off spirits. The woman who led the tour told her to leave tequila and salt on the kitchen table. "She said leave it on your kitchen table and tell them (spirits) it`s for them and to leave you alone".

"A couple months went by, and we`re shooting the show, and everyone had these horrible ghost things happen to them! I was the only one that didn`t," she added.

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