English boys don`t wash hair to look cool: Perry

London: Singer Katy Perry, who is shooting her part-biopic, part-concert movie with an English production team, says one of the crew members doesn`t wash his hair on a regular basis.

"I`ve got friends who are English who are filming me for my movie. Anytime I go out wearing a sweater that looks any type of grandmaish they steal it from me. There`s one whose name is Ed. He`s real skinny, he showers every day but washes his hair about every three weeks. That`s what the English boys do, all those hip English boys they just don`t wash their hair because they think they won`t get that cool look," a website has quoted Perry.

"But I love the people of England, they`re so lovely and courteous. The real people of England care, they mean well. Maybe they talk behind your back, but they`re so sweet to your face," she added.


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