Every pilgrim must always keep these five things in mind!

Here, we bring 5 things to keep in mind for every pilgrimage!

Every pilgrim must always keep these five things in mind!
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New Delhi: In India, pilgrimages have a greater significance as people of all religions plan it at least one in their lifetimes. A pilgrimage doesn't simply mean visiting the respective holy places of your respective religion, but it's something more than that.

The sacred journey must be conducted with certain norms which we are highlighting in this piece.

Here, we bring 5 must things for every pilgrim:

  • Remember the real meaning of this sacred journey is to attain moksha and it can be attained by serving others. So better serve others by doing whatever little you can, be it serving food or donating anything. God never asked us to worship with money and dairy products, etc. Rather, all of this can be used to help the needy.
  • People plan a pilgrimage so that their sins can be forgiven by the almighty. So remember not to commit any such sin while you are on the way to seek forgiveness.
  • When you are taking a dip in the holy river Ganges or any such holy place, then one must only be occupied with good thoughts.
  • If someone helps you financially or otherwise in fulfilling your holy desire to go on a pilgrimage, then even that generous person is also blessed with the grace of the almighty! So, always help whenever possible.
  • If you plan a pilgrimage it should come from your heart and not just mind or out of any greed.