Ewan McGregor wants to fly a plane

London: Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor says he would love to become a pilot but is terrified of dying in a plane crash. The 41-year-old, who has four daughters with French production designer wife Eve Mavrakis, said he might panic if he ran into difficulties during a flight, reported a website.

"It would be cool to take the kids to school and then go down to the airport and pull out your little plane and go for a flight. It must be an amazing feeling, although I`ve never got past the fear of, `What if something goes wrong? ` I don`t know the answer. What I do know is being a part-time private pilot is the most dangerous bracket to be in," McGregor said.

The actor said even if he never lives his dream of flying a plane he will always get his excitement from motorcycles.

"The things firing my imagination at the moment are still motorcycles. I am someone who gets taken up with something, a new thing, and I run with it for a while and then it disappears. It was para-gliding, then it was flying, then it was something else. Underneath all of it, always, are motorbikes. That`s never gone away," he said.