Ex-accountant slams Rihanna

New York: Rihanna`s ex-accountant Peter Gounis has claimed that the R&B star spent her money on shopping and extravagant parties, which gave her financial troubles.

Gounis filed a response to the singer`s lawsuit, in which she claims he left her virtually bankrupt with USD 9 million in debt in 2009, reportedly.

In the court papers filed on Gounis` behalf, he has insisted that he was only hired to record and manage her accounts and not to give her advice about spending.

In the documents Gounis claims that Rihanna`s choices, which included expensive costumes and sets for her 2010 `Last Girl on Earth` tour was what caused her money troubles.

He also said Rihanna dropped out of an expensive tour to shoot her movie.

"The tour was very expensive in that acts, scenes and equipment were purchased and used to make it an impact tour. The tour did not make as much money as projected. Gounis, however... Did not leave the tour to go act in a movie, Rihanna did," said a document filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

The accountant has apparently asked the judge to dismiss the case.