Exams ‘top worry’ for youngsters

London: Scoring high in exams is the biggest worry among students these days.

Three out of ten young adults aged 18 to 24 worry about exams and gaining qualifications – only second to relationship and money woes.

"Exams can bring with them a whirlwind of emotions: panic, anxiety, fear of failure and about the future – getting into university or finding a job following the recession," The Scotsman quoted Dr Mike Shooter as saying. Shooter is Samaritans`` trustee and youth mental health expert.

Joe Ferns, Samaritans`` director of policy, research and development, said, "It’s natural to feel anxious around this time and many people struggle to cope with the stress, worries and fears about the future."

"It can be very lonely when you don’t feel able to talk about your fears and anxieties with people around you, but Samaritans is there for you, 24/7, whatever you’re going through."