Explained—Significance of number 13 in Sikhism!

Know how lucky is number 13 in Sikhism!

Explained—Significance of number 13 in Sikhism!
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New Delhi: Though, many consider number 13 to be an unlucky one. Yet, there's a positive side attached to the number as it's believed to be auspicious by the Sikh community.

Yes, you read that right, there's a special narration attached to the story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji that goes:

Once Guru Nanak Ji was an accountant at a town in Sultanpur Lodhi where he was distributing groceries to people. But, when he reached the thirteenth person to give groceries, he stopped as something struck him. He realised that thirteen is called 'Terah' in Gurumukhi as well as in Hindi language and it means 'yours'. Hence, Guru Nanank Ji remembered god and said 'Yours' while distributing free groceries.

Thus, 'Terah' states 'Sab Tera Waheguru'!

Interestingly, the holy word 'Waheguru' appears thirteen times in the sacred book of sikhism 'Guru Granth Sahib'.

Also, the harvest festival of the Punjab region that marks the Punjabi new year- Baisakhi is mostly celebrated on the thirteenth day in the month of April!