Fans are too busy on their phones to enjoy concert: John Mayer

Updated: Oct 06, 2013, 15:22 PM IST

London: Singer John Mayer says he often finds fans busy capturing his concert on their phones, which makes it difficult to ascertain if they really enjoyed his performance or not.

The 35-year-old `Daughters` hitmaker checks his performances online hours after he has left the stage to know if the audience had a good time at the show, reported Daily Express.

"People aren`t going crazy and I think to myself, `I`m not playing a very good show,` and then I look out into the audience and they are going crazy, but not for me... They`re applauding into the phone," Mayer said.

"So what I do now is I finish the show and I search myself on Instagram to see how people would have cheered had they not had a phone in their hand," he added.