Fans push Facebook to ‘unblock’ aboriginal rapper’s anti-racist video

Melbourne: An aboriginal rapper has successfully led his campaign against racism, as his fans forced Facebook to ‘unblock’ his controversial video.

Facebook earlier censored Colin Darcy a.k.a Caper’s video ‘How Would You Like To Be Me’ for including offensive terms such as ‘boongh’ and ‘nigga’.

However, strong support from users impelled the site to reverse its decision and ‘unblock’ the video.

“The response has been incredible,” quoted Darcy as saying.

“I’ve had great feedback ... and a lot of those fans are in Whyalla where the local radio station has been supporting the single,” he said.

“People can really relate to this issue, because no one is really talking about it,” he added.

The song eventuated after Darcy became the victim of racist slurs at a local pizza bar, where his only reaction was to pen down his anger into his rhymes.


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