Ten signs you have the best dad in the world!

Do you have a best dad?

Ten signs you have the best dad in the world!

New Delhi: Now it's almost unfair to say that some fathers are good, while some are the best. Because all dads are cool and there should not be any doubt about the fact that they are always awesome no matter what. Whether it is a daughter or a son, children often experience extraordinary relationsip with their dads. Fathers are our protectors, saviours and caretakers and perhaps this is why the word 'super dad' and 'super mom' came into existence after all.

So on the occasion of father's day 2016, we bring to you 10 signs that you are blessed with a super awesome dad. Read on:

He inspires and motivates you:

He is the source of your energy, comfort and inspiration. When you are down with a bad day at school, work or a day out – he will be there to get you back on track with his inspiring words.

He is a patient listener:

Alright, you have done something and are giving him an explanation, but worry not. You super dad will pay heed to each and every word spoken by you. He is a good listener and lets you speak your heart out. In difficult times, he will be all ears to you just to show that he cares.

Makes you laugh with his sense of humor:

Now a super dad is blessed with a great sense-of-humour, or at least he can pretend like once in a while – that he has the capacity to bring a smile on your face whenever you are sad. He will make faces or say stale jokes – but the very fact that he loves you like anything will make you smile!

He will let you win in family games:

Whether it is a sport on the field or a family game indoors – a cool dad will always let the little one win. He will act like he is the Boss, true – but he will, at the end, make you win or lose deliberately just to make you smile and feel happy.

He takes extra care on your first try at swimming/bicycling:

He woke up early morning, stayed up late after dinner – just to make sure you have your daily practice of riding bicycle of the car. He will put in extra effort whilst you are on first day at swimming classes, and especially if you are taking a dip in the sea – just to make sure his 'life' is safe and sound.

Cheer you at the school function:

He will turn a kiddo and cheer you up like your friend while sitting in the vast crowd back at the audience and whistle like you are his favourite performer! Just a mere look at his smiles will bring a smile in your face!

He never misses to get you gifts/favourite food stuff after from work:

A doting dad knows his way of cheering you up – they don't mind how old have you become but will always bring you gifts and chocolates while their way to home from office or after a day out.

Makes dinner for you when mom is tired or not at home:

He may not even know cooking – but he will never mind giving a hand. Especially when he knows he has to be there for his family. Even for his kids – he will make the best lunch/dinner – to ensure that his kids go to be with their tummies filled.

He always has your back:

A super dad will never let you be on your own. Even when he is making you a strong girl or boy – he would be there around as a pillar to support you every time you stumble or trip. He will always be there to take care of you, listen to you and FIGHT for you!

Always pampers you after scolding:

He may get mad at you, but a great father will always know how to pamper his little princess or prince. His love for you is eternal and his care is never-ending. You may be old enough but he will always make sure to make you feel pampered after an argument.