Fathers `sleep on` while toddlers cry

Spicezee Bureau

London: The first few months after the birth of a baby can be really tiring for the entire family. According to a survey, half of the dads hardly even get up in the night to tend to their crying tots.

Only a quarter of dads wake up when the tot cries and a fifth wake up once the mom is already awake, as per a survey conducted by Mother & Baby magazine`s Sleep Survey.

While quizzing 2,000 parents, it was revealed that 52% of dads sleep on, or pretend to be fast asleep. The survey, reported by BBC, stated that this leads to lack of sleep and resentment in young mothers, which often leads to relationship issues.

According to the survey, mothers felt "fed up, exhausted and pulled in too many directions".

Meanwhile, Elena Dalrymple, editor of Mother & Baby magazine said: "It may be logical for mums to get up more at night during their maternity leave, but once she returns to work it should be 50/50.”

According to Alison Dawson, postnatal tutor for the National Childbirth Trust, "If you`re only getting four hours sleep night after night and sometimes less, you`ll most likely take your frustration and anger out on your partner. It`s amazing so many relationships survive the onslaught of a baby, but sadly, some never recover."

Alison further added new parents are surprised to know how little sleep they are getting and should be prepared for this in order to lessen the tension.

"If people can think `it`s only going to last for three or six months hopefully` and start to think `this is only a temporary phase`, that helps them get through the postnatal period," she said.