Female employees think they are underpaid

London: Most women think that they are underpaid by as much as 25 percent and are expecting a higher salary hike than men this year.

A poll of over 1,000 office workers revealed that a third of women wanted a pay increase of up to four percent in 2011, slightly more than men``s salary aspirations, reports the Scotsman.

Almost one in three of the women surveyed said they suspected colleagues at the same level were paid more, but most were unaware of industry rates for the job.

The report by a new salary comparative website, MySalaryChecker.com.Men, said that men were more likely to know what they should be earning and were prepared to make sure their employer knew as well.

Andy Powell, from recruitment firm Adecco, said: "It’s particularly disturbing that female workers have the perception that they are underpaid, but are not confident in understanding what they may be worth in the jobs market. We encourage workers to understand what the market rate is for their role."


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