Female rappers stress their sexual prowess rather than domestic skills

Updated: May 25, 2011, 11:00 AM IST

Washington: A Baylor University researcher has claimed that rappers represent less positive views of independent women in their lyrics.

The researcher said that male rappers see the "independent woman" as an educated, bill-paying person who will care for an average guy without making demands, while female rappers stress their sexual prowess and keep mum about their domestic skills.

But despite their very different takes on independent women, both men and women artists displayed a definite lack of respect.

"Both groups use misogynistic language to describe women," said Mia Moody, an assistant professor of journalism and media arts at Baylor.

She analyzed six songs and corresponding YouTube videos by male and female rappers, as well as comments posted to videos. Rappers were Yo Gotti, Webbie, Drake, Candi Redd, Trina and Nicki Minaj.

Male rappers include messages in which women pay bills, get an education and cultivate a good home life.

But men do not mention settling down with the independent women they desire. Instead, the male rappers point out that the women do not weigh them down, question their actions or beg for money, said Moody.

Both male and female rappers are obsessed with materialism, she said.

Female rappers send mixed messages, boasting of buying things for themselves, yet emphasizing the importance of men spending money on them. They are more sexually explicit than men, often bragging about their skills in bed.

Moody suggested that many male rappers deal with money-seeking groupies, so they create the image of the self-sufficient woman. But they see women as gold diggers or independent, with no happy medium.