Fighting Lyme disease was challenging: Debbie Gibson

Fighting Lyme disease was challenging: Debbie Gibson


Los Angeles: Singer Debbie Gibson, who is recovering from Lyme disease, has revealed her fight with the infection was a mental challenge. Gibson, 44, said the disease killed her body from inside, reportedly.

"My back kept going out. I couldn't lift my head sometimes. It really got into my cognitive skills. I took crazy amounts of antibiotics, including doxycycline. It killed so much stuff in my body that I became a shell of myself," she said.

The singer said though it has been a task to overcome the disease, she would not call it a battle as doing that would lower her self-confidence.

"I prefer to say that I'm 'overcoming' it. To call it a battle implies that there's a war with a worthy opponent, that some disease is a worthy opponent. I don't want to give this disease that kind of power over me. It's not a war. There's not a winner and a loser. 'Battle' sounds exhausting to me! It's a challenge that I'm overcoming."

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