Film on Diana’s death brands Royal family as ‘gangsters in tiaras’

London: ‘Unlawful killing’, a film about the death of Princess Diana, directed by Keith Allen has claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh is a ‘psychopath’ in the mould of Fred West.

The film asserts that the Establishment murdered the Princess and that the Queen and other members of the Royal family are ‘gangsters in tiaras’, reports a newspaper.

However the conclusions of the documentary were not entirely unexpected as Mohamed Fayed; father of Dodi fayed, paid for its entire 2.5 million pounds budget, the paper said.

Allen, who was accused by the Princess’ closest friend of cashing in on her death tried to defend his the ‘ludicrous’ slurs on the monarchy at the film’s premiere in Cannes.

He had already upset those closest to the Princess by including photographs of the car accident at the premiere.

The astonishing comments about the Royal family, which are made in the film, have also provoked fresh contempt.

“Why is he doing this? Rosa Monckton, the Princess’s best friend was quoted as saying.


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