Films with female characters fare better in box office

Washington: A new study has revealed that films in which female characters have a conversation that are not about men are more likely to gain box office success.

According to Five Thirty Eight blog, such films tended to cost less to make and deliver a better return and stated Disney`s Oscar winning film ` Frozen ` as an example,reportedly.

The website, which analysed films released since 1990 and judged them on the " Bechdel Test", said that to pass it the film must have at last two female characters and a scene in which they converse on a subject that does not involve a male character or men in general.

According to FiveThirtyEight`s statistical analysis, films that pass the "test" delivered an average return of 2.68 dollars on every dollar that was spent on their production, while films that didn`t pass delivered an average return of 2.45 dollars.

Writer Walt Hickey said that the findings contradict the prevailing Hollywood wisdom, which claims that that female-oriented films do not perform as well as those aimed at men, especially internationally.