First child more memorable than first kiss for women

london: You might think of your first kiss as a life-changing moment, but your perception may change after having your first child.

A new British survey has found that having a first child topped the list for women`s most memorable experiences while the first kiss came in seventh, reports the Daily Mail.

In the study, over 2,000 people across the UK were asked to rate their top 15 firsts, from getting drunk to having a mid life crisis, and reveal the age at which the event occurred.

For men, the most momentous occasion was getting married, according to the poll.

It confirmed teenage years as the most challenging period, while people seem to be happiest in their twenties.

Late teenage years were highlighted as the most difficult, with the majority of the British public losing their virginity at 18, then suffering their first heartbreak at 20, as well as leaving home.

However by 54, after suffering a mid-life crisis, things seem to get better as the first grandchild arrives greeted by retirement.

The poll was conducted to mark the release of virtual-life computer game The Sims 3: Generations.


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