Five secrets women keep from their husbands

Check out what are the top secrets women keep from their husbands

Five secrets women keep from their husbands
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It is rightly said that a woman's heart is an ocean of secrets. And even if you've tied the knot to a woman, she still remains a woman, right? So, there are chances she is hiding a truckload of feelings from you – which might at times, mind you, be a thing to be concerned about.

So, women hide, just like the opposite sex. Reasons could be many, from fears of being worried about too much to simply dismissing issues as being trivial. But you never know, at times it could be bigger than that.

Here's a list of reasons given by some therapists and psychologists that make women a harbour of secrets.

Health issues:

She often ignores it, thinking it to be just a petty issue. Whether it is a mole, a rash, or even a bump – women think it's better to keep mum about it. The reason could be the fact that they want to keep unnecessary worries at bay. However, this could lead to serious aftermaths.

Hide a therapy session:

At times while going through a rocky relationship, or finding problems with one's personal lives, which could also include children or the husband himself, women chose not to involve the husband. She would rather go to the counseller or therapist all by herself then seek her husband's cooperation in the same.

Sexual preferences:

Women are extremely non-vocal when it comes to sexual preferences. A large chunk of women are not sexually satisfied from their husbands however they prefer to keep hush-hush on the topic. It's necessary that they speak up regarding what they want and how they want it.

Personal successes:

Women are not always inclined to discuss their professional life. Often, it is believed that men are threatened by the success of their spouse. They may want a successful and smart woman as their wife, but deep down, they fear that wives' success might outstrip theirs.

Bank accounts:

Finance play a pivotal role in marriage. So, usually, if a woman ventures into any financial decision on her own like opening up a secret bank account, husband might take it as a betrayal. Wife often tends to do this as she thinks she must have a 'stash' to bank on at times of need.


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