Five simple ways to invite positive energy home

By Gayatri Sankar | Updated: Mar 17, 2015, 14:07 PM IST
Five simple ways to invite positive energy home

We have often heard people referring to good and evil thoughts. We strive to be optimistic but soon sulk into depression by giving in to pessimism. Life is full of ordeals and challenges, but does that mean we stop being hopeful of ecstasy and joy?

Positive thoughts do a world of good and make life enjoyable. Here, we take a look at five simple ways to invite positive energy to your house, for home is where your heart lies:

Keep your home clean and tidy

You must always keep your home clean and tidy. Do not let dust settle on furniture, appliances or floor. Also, make sure you clean the roof regularly, so that dust doesn’t get clogged on the top.

Throw away wastes

Don’t dump unwanted stuff in your house. Throw away wastes or give away things that you don’t need to someone who may use it. But do not keep unwanted things at home.

Light an oil lamp

Lighting an oil lamp in front of God’s idol will remind you that there is a solution to darkness. This will inspire you to fight out the toughest of ordeals without getting bogged down.

Light incense sticks

Sweet fragrance has the power to uplift sulking moods. When your surrounding smells good, you will automatically feel good and this in turn will invite positivity.

Play/chant OM

Chanting of the OM will help you rediscover your strengths. This is possible because, while chanting, when you surrender yourself to the almighty, you become one with God. And that’s when you realise that all you are worrying about is petty and inferior. You can use a CD or DVD to play the OM chanting.

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