Five things that no one can snatch from you!

Here’s taking a look at attributes you truly own.

Five things that no one can snatch from you!

Mumbai: Philosophically speaking, when people are born, they come empty handed and when they depart, they leave all their materialistic possessions behind. What people own during their lifetime may belong to someone else after their death. But is there something that truly belongs to you as an individual? Well, materialistically ‘NO’ but philosophically ‘YES’.

Here’s taking a look at attributes you truly own:

Talent – People can win laurels by fraudulently claiming your achievements but they can NEVER steal your talent. Your talent belongs to you only.

Conscience – None can snatch your sense of right and wrong. They can try to influence you but losing your conscience is your fault.

Confidence – If you are confident, then none can stop you from achieving what you want. Your confidence lies within you. People may try to dissuade and discourage you but cannot steal your level of confidence.

Will power – You may be down and out but your will power will help you fight the battle. Circumstances may be adverse and people may try to put you down but your will power cannot be hampered.

Self-respect – No matter how much money you have, you will be rich if you have self-respect. You must learn to respect yourself. This is something that you can treasure and none can loot it unless you voluntarily let people to rob you of it.

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