Five things you should never wear to office

Melbourne: Don’t know what outfit you should wear to work and where does the line of decency lie in your office attire? Well, experts have offered some tips to help you dress up appropriately for workplace.

Career consultant, Katie Roberts, lists the most common errors as wearing too much bling and make-up, choosing clothes that are too revealing, and dressing too casually.

Here are the five garments and accessories the professionals agree should stay at home on workdays, reports a news daily.

Midriff tops/mini skirts

You’ve worked hard on your body and now you want to show off as much as you can. However human flesh is best kept tucked away in a professional environment, said the experts who point at garments such as low-slung pants, hot pants, torn trousers, shorts, plunging necklines and midriff tops as attire for some other occasion than work.


You may jog with your boss at lunchtime, but that does not make sports gear acceptable wear around the office said experts, meaning that tracksuits, running shoes, leggings, and anything made of spandex are probably best left at the gym.

Novelty t-shirts/ties

The tech crowd loves wearing these, and the more unfathomable the message on the front, the better. Experts added that you should also avoid extremes like ties or patterns that are too loud and draw the focus away the wearer, preventing them from being taken seriously.


Hats, beanies and casual footwear like thongs, ugg boots, and crocs are best avoided said Roberts. "These should only be worn outside the office as they don’t present a professional image in the workplace and may imply that you don’t take your job seriously".

Facial piercings

While tattoos and piercings may be part of your personality, experts agreed that nose and tongue piercings-particularly in more corporate work environments-don’t give the right impression.