Five ways to make 2015 romantic

Five ways to make 2015 romantic

Winter is a fantastic time to get cosy with your partner. Not only is a little warmth always welcome, the coolness in the weather makes it the most romantic time of all the year. Especially in a tropical country like India.

So here are five simple ways to make the best out of this season, and make your life a little more romantic.

Cosy up in front of a fire grate- Get some squashy old chairs out, or you could also use some bean bags as well. Build up a fire in your fireplace. If you don't have one at your place, get a small coal grill (easily available at a local store/online) light it up. Cover yourself snugly with shawls and cuddle together.

Sunset Hot Chocolate- All you need is a few blankets for the outside, a flask for hot chocolate and plastic mugs. You could plan a full picnic, or just go to park near your home. Grab the flask and fill it with hot chocolate, and it would be nice to throw in some cookies for those munchies. Watch the sun set and get closer together as the weather starts to cool down further.

Walk in the shimmery winter wonderland – What better than a romantic evening for two walking in a winter wonderland. Bundle up and take a walk together after the lights come on in the evening. As the night sets in, the lights start to glimmer and your love will keep you quite warm.

Cuddle, snuggle, love – No romantic couple can say no to cuddling. It is the perfect way to spend a winter evening – and even a winter weekend. Don't do anything all day, listen to some nice romantic music. Fill a basket with chocolates, red wine, and you can also just prop up the old movie player and watch some great rom-coms.

Switch of the electricity- This is truly old school. Get all the lamps and candles out for the evening. Imagine – candlelight dinner, ghost stories, a little truth and dare, and lots of shared kisses! Sounds heavenly, right? This is the best way to keep from distractions and enjoy the lovely wintery nights.


What better time to build romance than the winters, especially since you can easily snuggle comfortably and share blankets and warmers – catch all the love in the air!

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