Five ways to spot an alien!

London: With alien sightings becoming frequent, here`s a guide to spotting a visitor from another planet:

1. Scan the airspace above your local nuclear site or defence base, especially if you live in the US, Russia or Britain, reports The Telegraph.

2. Keep an eye out for red glowing UFOs hovering above the ground, with special attention to forested areas.

3. Don`t ignore the signs at ground level. Sometimes the crafts will land, leaving telltale signs in the earth.

4. You`ve hit the jackpot if you spot a cigar-shaped or disk-like object, firing beams of light at the ground.

5. If you are not having any luck tracking down a UFO, don`t worry. They usually leave no traces, or if they do the security agencies quickly send round the men in black to erase them.


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