Flash mob performs jig with brooms at Noida

New Delhi: Holding brooms, a large number of people Monday broke into a jig -- which turned out to be a flash mob of its own kind -- to raise awareness on the issue of cleanliness in Delhi`s satellite town of Noida.

The event is part of the `Come, Clean India` campaign launched by Imagindia Institute, an independent think tank and research centre.

Noida is the latest place to see the flash mob after cities like Chennai, Warangal and Khandwa where people from all age groups danced in public places carrying brooms under the banner "Celebrating the Broom".

Inspired by the campaign, people in Islamabad in Pakistan also took out a flash mob to make the city streets garbage free.

Hailing the flash mob, actress and brand ambassador of `Come, Clean India` Gul Panag said: "This launch indicates that cleanliness is an idea whose time has come - across India to Pakistan. This is a pioneering example of people in both countries sharing ideas to address fundamental issues.

"Our intent in doing these flash mobs is to shake national imagination regarding cleanliness. Even today we have a social stigma to holding a broom, and it is our own civic habits which contribute to half the problem," said an Imagindia Institute statement.