Flirting Brit drivers caused almost 1m crashes!

London: A Brit poll has claimed that almost one million crashes have been caused by distracted drivers who flirt at the wheel with other motorists.

The findings indicate that 812,000 of Britain’s 20.3 million male motorists have had a prang while flirting, as have 164,000 of the 16.4million women drivers, a total of 976,000 collisions, reports the Daily Express.

A larger proportion have had near misses – equivalent to more than five million close shaves due to “wandering eye” trouble.

Elwyn Gedrych, of insurer Diamond, which commissioned a poll of 3,000 motorists, said, “Drivers need to be mindful not to let the handsome man or pretty woman take their minds off the road ahead.”

The research revealed that 46 per cent of men and 36 per cent of women flirt while at the wheel.

Men are habitual flirts who continually try to “pull”, often loudly by beeping their horn or waving. Female flirts are more likely to employ a comely smile.

Drivers in Wales are the biggest in-car flirts with 18 per cent having an ogle at least once a week compared to just five per cent in Scotland.


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