For 50th Jubilee, Delhi school musical raps on the samosa

PTI| Updated: Oct 30, 2013, 16:16 PM IST

New Delhi: The humble samosa hot and spicy, is the star of a brand new musical, which pays homage to the snack considered a favourite among generations of students of the Mount St Mary`s school here.

"The Samosa (W) Rap" is one among the 14 songs created specially for the musical "Fast Forward" to commemorate the upcoming 50th Jubilee year of the school.

"From the boardrooms of New York to everywhere they go, for the ex-students, the talk seemed to be about samosas. While usually everyone else talked about life in a nutshell for them life seems to be in a samosa!" says Sharmila Banerjee Livingston, who has composed and directed the musical.

Sharmila, a soloist and a Delhi-based musician whose previous stint as Director of the city`s well known choir `The Capital City Minstrels` says she combined her love for music and food to create original lyrics and music that will find the resonance with children and adults alike.

"I have done several musicals before but the `Fast Forward` is a combination of 14 songs with different styles of music like country, broadway style, some rap, choir etc," says Sharmila.

The musician, specialises in contemporary and classical sacred music and has performed in concerts and conferences in India, and abroad.

"The music is very singable and has been a delight to create lyrically and melodically in a wide variety of musical styles," says the musician.

The musical has been written with Indian school children, parents, teachers in mind - their experiences, their issues, their challenges.

Comprising a mishmash of dance, drama and soloists, the musical has been produced by Daniel B George and features a cast of total cast of 750.

"I got the assignment in March and actively began writing it in May and finished it by July. I started auditioning and rehearsals and now we are ready for the show on November 1," says Sharmila.

The musician says she had conducted a short survey with students and teachers before settling down to pen the musical.

"Almost everyone had something to say about the samosa. thats how the samosa rap came about," says Sharmila.