‘For sale’ sign to be banned in Adelaide!

Adelaide: Michelle Rowe, a woman from Happy Valley, is annoyed after an Adelaide council banned her from using the ‘For Sale’ sign on her car.

The ‘sale’ sign on Rowe’s car may soon be declared illegal everywhere after the councils started to introduce a controversial new by-law.

According to Adelaide Now, people who have the ‘For Sale’ sign on their vehicle have been fined up to 100 dollars, reports News.com.au.

The by-law drafted by the South Australian Local Government Association has been adopted by at least seven councils. The law makes it illegal to display advertising signs on your car when parked in public.

Megan Walkley, resident 28-year-old Morphett Vale, said she was fined when she parked her car with the for sale sign, outside her home.

“I had only parked on the road because we were planning to have a (rubbish) skip delivered that day to the driveway,” Walkley said.

“I got a shock when I got the fine, I``d never heard of that by-law before and you see parked cars with for sale signs all the time,” she added.