Forty One is the age most Brits `let themselves go`

London: A new study has found that 41 is the age when most people in Britain ‘let themselves go’.

Many over-40s begin to eat too much, put on weight and cut down on the amount of daily exercise they do.

In a survey to mark the start of Diabetes Week, more than 40 per cent of over-40s questioned felt they had let themselves go, with more than one third saying that if they could go back in time they wouldn’t allow themselves to become overweight.

“Our research shows that many over-40s feel they’ve let themselves go and have regrets about putting on weight over the years - but they’re not necessarily making the link between being overweight and the risks of developing diabetes,” the Daily Mail quoted Alison Freemantle, diabetes expert at Lloydspharmacy, as saying.

“Type 2 diabetes is an incredibly serious condition with nasty complications that can arise if it’s not diagnosed early enough. The good news is that for many people, it is possible to turn back the clock on their risk.

“Adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle, losing weight and staying physically active can delay the onset of diabetes – or even prevent it completely.

“Today we are urging people to have a diabetes check-up so that they understand their risk and can take steps to reduce it if necessary,” added Freemantle.

Of all the regions where people were questioned, the West Midlands ranked highest with half (51 per cent) of people admitting they had let themselves go.


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