French girl who stripped on top of Uluru says she wanted to be famous

Melbourne: Alizee Sery, whose striptease on top of Uluru caused outrage, has revealed that she just wanted to be famous.

The 25-year-old walked to the top of Uluru and put on the impromptu show as a `tribute` to Aborigines.

"I don`t think this has made me famous," the Herald Sun quoted her as telling the Sunday Territorian.

"My story is famous - the French girl who stripped on top of Uluru.

"But I am not famous - Alizee Sery is not famous," she said.

She later added: "About being famous, really, deep down, that``d be good for my ego but fame is an illusion of success. Being happy with myself is more important.

"I actually thought it was a great story.

"I felt like (people commenting) hated me, and wanted me out of the country.

"There was no harm - I danced on top of Uluru, a sacred rock. I am also a spiritual person, I am open-minded, I believe in the power of nature and the elements around me," Sery said.