Funeral strippers to dance away the deceased with a smile!

London: People in Taiwan have come up with a new way to honour the dead – they call strippers to dance for the deceased at funerals.

For a modest fee, the scantily-clad women arrive on an Electric Flower Car, to gyrate erotically in front of the departed and their mourners.

This Taiwanese phenomenon has been labelled as scandalous by some, but many hail it as an important part of the grieving process - and the perfect way of sending off their loved ones with a smile, reports the Daily Mail.

The authorities are trying to crack down on the mainly rural practice documented by anthropologist Marc L Moskowitz in his new film ‘Dancing For The Dead: Funeral Strippers In Taiwan’.

The associate professor at the Department of Anthropology of the University of South Carolina said he created the film to show the practice to U.S. audiences “who generally have a very narrow idea of what culture is, what a proper funeral is and how to grieve”.

While speaking to website io9, Moskowitz admitted he had not seen any “full stripping” himself because they knew he was filming, but everyone he spoke to had seen complete nudity.

During his research, Moskowitz said he heard several explanations as to why people hired them for funerals.

Some said it was because new ghosts get picked on by older ghosts, so the performance was to distract the older ones to let the newer ones get used to his environment.


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