Gangnam Style named YouTube’s top trending video of 2012

London: Singer Psy’s Gangnam style has been named as the top trending video of 2012 on Youtube, as the video sharing website unveiled its top trending videos of this year.

The list is based on clips that saw the biggest leaps in traffic over the year.

British Prime Minister Nick Clegg Liberal Democrat leader appears in a video which took his apology for a u-turn on tuition fees and turned it into an auto-tuned song with the chorus "I`m sorry, I`m sorry, I`m so, so sorry," is also in the list of trending videos.

According to the BBC, six of the 10 clips were music-based.

Other videos included a post by Walk of the Earth which featured a group of five musicians playing a cover of Goyte`s Walk Off the Earth while sharing a single guitar.

And market trader Muhammad Shahid Nazir singing about seafood sold from his East End London stall.

The list of YouTube Global Trending Videos of 2012 is:

1. Gangnam Style
2. Walk Off the Earth
3. Kony 2012
4. Call Me Maybe
5. Obama v Romney epic rap battle
6. A dramatic surprise on a quiet square
7. Why you asking all them questions?
8. Dubstep Violin
9. Facebook parenting
10. Freefall from the Edge of Space

According to the report, US activist group Invisible Children attracted more than 100 million global views in six days for Kony 2012, a video about the use of child soldiers in Uganda by the Lord`s Resistance Army movement.

The top 10 also features footage of skydiver Felix Baumgartner travelling faster than the speed of sound during his descent from a balloon 128,100ft (24 miles; 39km) above New Mexico.

But the international list was also enlivened by a satirical face-off between two rappers impersonating US President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney; and Facebook Parenting, a father`s take on his relationship with his 15-year-old daughter in the age of social media, the report said.

Most of the clips feature advertising either as pre-roll video or overlaid ads - and one industry watcher noted that the mix of high-end and cheaply made clips will have helped boost the firm`s bottom line.

"User generated content continues to be at the heart of YouTube`s success -and professionally made videos still only account for a fraction of the material on the site," Ian Maude from Enders Analysis said.

"It`s all very fragmented and this material is fairly hard to monetise - but we are seeing more companies and organisations using it as a distribution channel,” Maude said.

"Google is trying to encourage that with its ``professional content`` and a more TV-like structure to attract more advertising, and it`s working. We think YouTube will have generated about $3bn (£1.8bn; 2.2bn euros) in gross revenue this year and will make more than $4bn in 2013,” he added.


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