Genre of music may affect drinker’s perception of wine

London: People who drink wine while listening to music perceive their tipple to have the same characteristics as the particular artist or tune they are listening to, a new study has found.

For the study, Professor Adrian North from the Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh gave taste tests to 250 students while playing music, the Daily Mail reported.

The students were given either Alpha 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon or Chilean Chardonnay, and played one of four pieces with contrasting characteristics.

Volunteers were then asked to describe how the wine tasted and the results showed that the tune they listened to consistently affected how they perceived its taste.

The wine was described as powerful and heavy”, “subtle and refined”, “zingy and refreshing” and “mellow and soft”.

Both the wines were given the highest ratings for being “heavy” by those who drank them to Carmina Burana by Orff.

According to North, for an earthy and full-bodied Merlot experience, drinkers should listen to Tom Jones while having their tipple.

The study has been published in the British Journal of Psychology.


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