George Clooney flaunts cartooning skills at Oscars luncheon

Washington: George Clooney showed off his artistic skills at the Oscars luncheon in Hollywood on Monday when he sketched an interviewer as a dog.

When an ‘Entertainment Weekly and Access Hollywood’ reporter asked the 50-year-old if he still had a knack for drawing caricatures, a job he once had, Clooney reached for his notebook and pen.

“The trick is, what I usually do at this point is draw a giant, like, penis and say, ‘What do you think?’,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

As he drew, ‘The Descendants’ star insisted he wanted to get the reporter’s features “right”.

“I wanna get your eyes right, wanna get the ears right - your ears are sort of longer. You haven’t quite shaved... You should have shaved a little more..."” he said.

After just a minute, Clooney handed over his notebook in which he had drawn a dog.

“That’s pretty close,” he added.


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