George Clooney`s pet pig was his baby: Ex-girlfriend

Los Angeles: Actor George Clooney was "so close" to his pet pig he didn`t want to have children, says his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Daily.

The actor-filmmaker recently got engaged to Amal Alamuddin.

Daily believes his change of heart with regards to love and marriage has come after he finally got over the death of his pig named Max, reports

"He didn`t need children, Max was his baby. He loved that pig like nothing else. It was the size of a table, absolutely huge," The Sun newspaper quoted Daily as saying.

She further said that he never needed or wanted to have children when he had Max.

"I would just be hanging out round George`s with giant pig chilling out beside us. It had its own special pen and at night it would sleep on the floor right besides George`s bed. It got in that bed at times.

"They were so close it was like father and son. When Max died in 2006 he was really torn up. Maybe now there`s no Max he`ll start to feel the pangs of parenthood. That would be great for him," she said.