Gerard Butler accused of being a home wrecker

Washington: Prior to entering rehab last year, Gerard Butler is said to have been involved in a steamy relationship with a wanna-be actress that resulted in the end of her marriage, it has been revealed. As previously reported, the 42-year-old actor recently completed a three-week stint at the Betty Ford Center to deal with addiction issues.

“Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment and has returned home in good health,” a website has quoted his rep as saying in a statement.

“We will not be making any further comment at this time,” the rep said.

The hunky Scottish actor is said to have got involved with the actress last year, and carried on an affair with her for several months. Butler was friends with the woman and her husband before becoming sexually involved with her.

“It was a very intense relationship. She had very strong feelings for Gerard, despite the fact that she was a newlywed at the time,” a source close to the situation said.

“They would exchange heated text messages, emails and phone calls. She would drop anything to be with Gerard. The two would hook-up at his hotel when he was in Los Angeles,” the source said.

The woman’s husband eventually found out about the affair and threatened to divorce her but she begged for another chance.

“She told her husband she would end things with Gerard and he agreed to give her another chance.

“However, the affair continued and she decided to file for divorce. She thought Gerard wanted to be in a relationship with her but then she found out he was involved with other girls, and hadn’t been exactly honest with her about what was going on in his life,” the source said.

According to our sources, Butler eventually betrayed the woman and moves on.

“The woman began calling Gerard incessantly and he changed his cell phone number. She hasn’t been in touch with him since he decided to go to rehab. Gerard has obviously moved on but she is now going through a divorce and trying to support her son from a previous relationship,” another source said.


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