Gerard Butler, Dennis Quaid entertain sick kids

London: Actors Gerard Butler and Dennis Quaid danced with cancer-struck children at a screening of their new movie ‘Playing for Keeps’.

Both the actors delighted the kids with their friendly nature.

"At one point, Dennis was dancing in a circle with four little girls and teaching them hokey-pokey steps," a source told

"Gerard picked up another girl, who was wearing a pretty scarf covering her bald head, then spun her around and danced with her. She was laughing so hard she got hiccups. It was really touching to see the interaction," the source said.

Butler, who is dating model Madalina Ghenea, recently admitted working on the film had made him want to have children of his own.

"I have a girlfriend and she`s very nice, and I would love to settle down at some point for sure. Especially doing a movie like this, you play a father and you hang out with these kids and they`re awesome," the 43-year-old actor said.

"I mean genuinely awesome! To the point where you go, I want a kid, I want a kid just like you," said Butler.