Gerard Butler, Liam Neeson for `The Professional`?

London: The 1970s show `The Professionals` is set for the big screen and actors Gerard Butler and Liam Neeson are being considered for lead roles in the movie.

The action-crime series which ran for five seasons from 1978 to 1983, followed the missions of two cops Bodie and Doyle and will be brought back on the silver screen with Butler, 41, and Neeson, 58 playing the main roles, reported a website.

Lionsgate film company has acquired the rights and the company`s chief executive Zygi Kamasa said, "This production will combine the wit and fast paced action of the original TV series but also completely reinvent it for a new, modern audience and we`re really looking forward to working with talented producers Callum and Richard (Whelan) on the

"I was a big fan. We all grew up with it in the 70s so the idea of bringing it back for the big screen is perfect. There aren`t many British TV shows from 30 years ago that you think could work today, but this is one of them," Kamasa added.