Get perfect makeup thanks to your computer!

Washington: For every woman who wished she had her personal makeup artist, this piece of news is going to make her very happy – a computer of your own that gives you a perfect make up.

The technology, showcased at CeBIT, the world’s biggest high-tech fair, takes a 3D image of your face and measures your complexion, shadows and lines.

The software matches your face to 60 pre-programmed models and advises how much makeup should be applied to which parts of your face based on professional makeovers conducted on the models.

It can also tell if your tried-and-tested makeup combinations are actually right for your face, according to Kristina Scherbaum, who developed the program at the Max Planck Institute.

"We also take into consideration certain personal facial characteristics, like freckles or moles. Furthermore, we can determine whether or not already existing makeup on a woman suits her face," Discovery News quoted her as saying.

Although currently still in testing stages, the software could easily be adapted for commercial use, said Himangsho Saikia, who designed the interface system.

"Professional makeup is expensive but with this, you could turn on your computer in the morning, use a web-cam and have your make-up done for you," he said.

CeBIT is showcasing the latest technology and gadgets from some 4,200 exhibitors and hopes to attract around 350,000 visitors. It runs until March 5.


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