Go the Dutch way on your first date

Melbourne: Instead of bearing the expenses single-handedly, couples should rather try going Dutch on their first date.

Though once one of the great-unwritten rules of chivalry, women``s greater earning capacity and a move away from conventional breadwinner roles have helped scupper this "old-fashioned" tradition, say readers.

"We should go halves. I earn more than most of the guys I date anyway, so there is no way that I would expect them to pay," News.com.au quoted Kate from Brisbane as saying.

"That said, it is nice when the guy offers to buy me a drink - I just offer to get the next one," she said.

Some men said it was good to know it was their company and not the cost of the date that was important.

"Most women I``ve ever been out with prefer to share the cost of the ``date`` which is fantastic as it shows independence and that they also value your company," said David Anthorpe.

"Paying for the whole thing yourself can create an uncomfortable sense of obligation and expectancy for them, and is thinking that is well out of date," he added.

Moreover, for many, their most memorable dates involved very little money.

Belinda of Sydney said the secret to a good date boiled down to how well the couple got along.

"The best time I ever spent on a date was going to the Sydney Observatory, it was 17 dollars each to get in. We shared a bottle of wine at his place and had a chat beforehand.

"At the end of the night, we``d both learnt something about astronomy and had a few laughs and a catch up. That``s the perfect date to me!" she said.



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