Going bald, having bigger ears are some of the 50 most common signs of ageing

London: A survey has found 50 most common signs of ageing and they include men going bald, sprouting unsightly hair in all the wrong places, and even having bigger ears as they grow older.

In the survey, carried out by insurance firm Engage Mutual to gain the public perception of age, around 2,000 Britons aged 18-65 were asked what they believed were the signals that showed someone was “getting on a bit”, the Daily Express reported.

Most pointed out drinking a glass of sherry, falling asleep in front of the TV, applying for an allotment, and starting to wear cardigans and corduroy trousers, officially means you are getting old.

For women, the first tell-tell signs include joining the WI and turning up for meetings in outfits chosen for comfort rather than style, and also arriving in the coat they never leave home without.

They also misplace their car keys, handbag, and glasses, and they also drive very slowly, and won’t remember everybody’s name.

The other telltale sign that someone is getting on with their years is when they start telling people exactly what they think even if it is not polite.

Complaining about the “rubbish on television” when they are not screening shocking racy music videos is another, and so is listening to “the wireless”.

Not knowing any of the pop songs in the Top 10 and finding pubs too noisy to go to, are the other signs of aging.

But what was most surprising is that a third of people who took part in the survey believed they felt the signs of ageing between the ages of 21 and 29, though the majority felt 60-plus is the age at which people can officially be classed as “old”.


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