Gold-plated yacht is world’s most expensive at £3bn

London: A gold-plated yacht designed by a British jeweller is said to be world’s most expensive at 3 billion pounds.

Liverpool jeweller Stuart Hughes, 40, designed the 100ft craft, named History Supreme, and it has been billed as the world’s most unique yacht, with 100 tons of gold, covering more than half its surface.

The sleeping quarters are covered in platinum, it has a statue made from the bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the deck, dining areas, rails and anchor are also made from precious metals including platinum.

“It was probably the most mammoth task ever,” the Sun quoted Hughes, who took three years to build the History Supreme for a Malaysian businessman, as saying.

“I’ve covered all sorts of things in gold but this has got to be my most ambitious project yet. This will never be topped.

“The businessman just approached us and asked us whether we could do it. He wanted a plane doing as well, but the thing would never take off if we did.

“So he said, ‘Can you do the yacht?’ and I said, ‘We’ll give it a crack.’ We just did what we were told and are delighted with the result,” Hughes, who also made a 5 million pound diamond-wrapped iPhone, added.

The yacht was built in Italy and completed in Malaysia two weeks ago.


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