Gordon Ramsay`s attempt at world`s largest cupcake crashes

Updated: Sep 26, 2013, 15:44 PM IST

Los Angeles: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay failed to create the world`s largest cupcake for the Guinness World Records after it fell apart and leaked having been inside the oven for an extensive 35 hours.

It was a kitchen nightmare for Ramsay and his ‘MasterChef Junior’ wards when they attempted to create the world`s largest cupcake for the Guinness World Records, reported Aceshowbiz.

Despite the big letdown, Ramsay was still in good spirits, enough to fashion out a tiny cupcake from a morsel of the foiled mega-cupcake. The Scottish chef, holding the playful creation as it sat on his palm, posed with the young contestants of his TV show.

The usually riled-up culinary series host tends to tone down when handling the kids on the reality cooking competition show.

"Listen, they`re kids. So, we weren`t blowing smoke up their backside and telling them they`re going to become superstars. We kept it pretty much real and very close to the bone," he said.

But the multi-awarded restaurateur says it doesn`t mean that he will be any less strict on his talented protégés.

"‘MasterChef Junior’, for me, is installing discipline outside of their family traditions and giving them something precious. There`s something quite character building when you know how to cook. For me, it`s about them staying on that path of discipline."