Got de-friended on Facebook? It may be something you said

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2011, 15:23 PM IST

Melbourne: Posting offensive or depressing comments are one of the major reasons for getting rid of a friend on Facebook, a survey has found.

The ‘State of Social Media Survey’ conducted by Nielsen subsidiary NM Incite also found that people were more likely to get rid of a ‘friend’ they don’t really know or who was trying to sell them something.

The survey, incorporating 1865 Facebook users, found that 82 per cent ‘friend’ people they know in real life, while 60 per cent connect with mutual friends.

Only 8 per cent added someone because of a ‘physical attraction’, reported.

Other data revealed that the average Facebook user has 229 friends - 89 per cent of whom they’ve met in person more than once.

Men are most likely to use social media for careers and networking, while women use it as a creative outlet, to collecting coupons and promos and for positive feedback.