GRR Martin upset with fans speculating on his death

Los Angeles: He may kill popular characters in `Game of Thrones` (GOT) with ease but author GRR Martin finds it offensive when `GOT` fans speculate whether he will be able to finish the hugely popular story before his death.

The series has become hugely popular with the fans and many have expressed concerns that the 65-year-old author might die before finishing his `Song of Ice and Fire`.

The author flipped the bird when reminded about the pertinent question that many of his fans have been asking, reportedly.

"I find that question pretty offensive, people speculating about my death and my health," Martin said. `Thrones` finished its fourth season on June 15 this year. The filming on the fifth season is scheduled to begin this month for a premiere in 2015.

Martin is currently writing `The Winds of Winter` in the `Ice and Fire` series of the novel while another book `A Dream of Spring` is also planned.

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