Guinness Book of World Record 2012 out

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: The 2012 edition of the famous Guinness Book of World Record was released today. According to the editor-in-chief Craig Lenday, the book celebrates "the weirdest and wackiest". And the record book true to its credentials includes new astonishing and really amazing elements much to everyone’s awe.

Following are some of the jaw dropping stuff that you would find in the 2012 edition of the Guinness Book.

A woman with 10-foot fingernails and student with a four-inch tongue, and then there is a Doncaster man Rob Hull, 49, for having 571 Daleks - despite not being a ‘Doctor Who’ fan.

Aevin Dugas from New Orleans in the US got an entry for having grown the world`s largest natural afro.

Rev Darrell Best, of Illinois in the US is a newcomer to the book, having taken the title for the fastest wedding chapel after converting his 1940s fire truck into a wedding chapel on wheels.

The there is Sarwan Singh, who says it takes 30 minutes a day to cultivate his 7ft 9in beard. The devoted Sikh, from British Columbia, Canada, credits God for his facial record breaker.

In toe with the rarities mentioned above, there is Chanel Tapper who has the world`s longest tongue. When American Chanel sticks it out, it measures an impressive 3.8in from tip to top!

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