Halle Berry wants to settle in France

Updated: Mar 27, 2013, 14:14 PM IST

London: Actress Halle Berry wants to settle in France but will wait till her daughter turns 18.

The 46-year-old is keen to start a new life in France with her fianc? Olivier Martinez but her former partner, Gabriel Aubry, has contested her plans to take their 5-year-old daughter Nahla with them, reported Showbizspy.

Balle has delayed her dreams until the youngster turns 18, eligible to make her own decisions on where she wants to live.

"It probably won`t be until my daughter is 18 and off to college. When Nahla turns 18, she`ll be legally able to make her own decisions about where she wants to be and I think that then, when she`s off on her own, we`ll move there."

"It`s where I want to end my days, that`s for sure. I was told very lovingly by him not to work on it too hard now but to wait until we get to live there." she said.

"Because for me, at my age and with all that I already have on my plate, trying to learn French is probably one of the hardest things I could possibly do," Berry added.