‘Harry Popper’ condom to bring magic in bed?

Spicezee Bureau

Geneva: From games to condoms, boy wizard Harry Potter has surely come a long way- at least in Switzerland.

Warner Brothers, the makers of record-breaking Potter flicks, are suing a Swiss prophylactic company over its `Harry Popper` branded condoms for copyright infringement.

The pack of the condoms manufactured by Magic X shows a condom cartoon with round glasses, a wand in hand and tongue licking its lips.

While the users may be delighted in hope of some extra magic in bed, the Hollywood studio is not amused.

“The image of my client is in danger,” a lawyer for Warner Bros. was quoted in the Swiss daily Bote. “This is clearly a reference to the film and fictional character Harry Potter.
Everyone who sees the condoms automatically thinks of Harry Potter.”

The company in question however denies any link between the condom and the boy wizard.

“Our product has nothing to do with Harry Potter,” a lawyer for Magic X was quoted as saying by The Telegraph. The company had launched the brand in 2006 and the same is registered with Swiss authorities.

Author JK Rowling has sold millions of her Harry Potter books worldwide and the Warner Bros have minted more through the films, the latest of which- The Deathly Hallows- will release in two parts.