Having girls night out secret of happy family: Jessica Alba

Los Angeles: Actress Jessica Alba says the secret to a harmonious family life is to take time to go out with your girlfriends and moan about your husband.

The mother of two said the day to day drudgery of homemaking becomes fun when you get a chance to take some perspective, reportedly.

"You`ve got to have the girls` night out to complain about your husband or whatever it is. You have some fun, then you can go and enjoy the work, and you can take pride in it instead of it depleting you and being a burden," she said.

Alba, who turned 33 in April, is currently enjoying the wisdom which comes with her advancing years. "I had this `Aaagh!` I`m not in my 20s anymore! What does it all mean?` kind of freak-out. (But) I feel much better at 33 than I did at 23, even than I did at 30," she added.

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